Student Questions about Distance Learning


What is distance learning?

Distance learning is defined as any learning that takes place with the instructor and student geographically remote from each other.


Are there different types of distance learning?

Online Courses bring a virtual classroom to your home or office. You can communicate with other students and your instructors through e-mail, online discussion groups, and web site visits. Telecourses use information presented in educational documentaries that can be videotaped and viewed as your schedule allows. Teleclasses are live courses broadcast directly to the home. Blended courses/programs may combine elements from the above models. For instance, an online class might include a telecourse element or you may have heard about web-assisted courses.


How does distance learning compare with on-campus study?

Distance learning course work demands the same amount of effort as traditional course work, but it’s more flexible. Within the framework of a semester, you work and communicate with fellow students and instructors as your schedule allows, rarely traveling to campus. You get the same credit you would if you took the course on campus.


What about tests?

As with any for-credit college course, you will be asked to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Instructors employ a variety of methods, from on-campus and online examinations to the assignment of projects that require you to apply what you’ve learned. Should your instructor require an on-campus, proctored exam, KC REACHE offers you the flexibility to take the exam at any of the testing centers of a KC REACHE member school. Contact your instructor for more details about setting up an appointment at whichever campus is most convenient for you.


Do I need a computer?

Although not all distance learning courses require a computer, online courses require computers with Internet access.

Computer Requirements


How do I enroll in KC REACHE courses?

KC REACHE is not a degree granting institution but rather is comprised of Kansas City area colleges and universities ranging from 2-year to 4-year, public and private institutions. Students enroll at one of the KC REACHE member colleges or universities, take that institution’s courses and earn credits toward a degree from that school. The institution in which you enroll will award your degree.


Can I take classes from two colleges